Coming up next week (Wednesday) I have a very special event taking place - my first photography exhibit in Toronto. This one is particularly special in that the limited edition (1/1) prints will be up for auction and all proceeds will go directly to Covenant House, Toronto. Covenant House is a renowned organisation helping homeless youth around the city by offering them shelter, guidance and a host of resources to get back on their feet such as counceling and job hunting. I first became aware of the organisation thanks to a powerful ad I saw on the subway.

More details as per the official press release:

On December 15th 2010 a truly unique presentation will welcome industry professionals, celebrities, media, and emerging artists to view an exclusive arts awareness collection worthy of notable praise.

EMOTIONS, presented by Matt Vardy Photography, will feature six never-before-seen black and white abstract photographs. The 24” x 36” printed photographs are limited edition pieces with proceeds supporting Covenant House Toronto. This event is a 1/1 exhibit, with sole production on this one occasion only!

The self-portraits are reflective of inner struggle, vulnerability and emotional prose, seemingly depicting a challenging battle of fear and public outreach.

With the onset of a holiday season many of Toronto’s homeless youth face a troubling time, and with the support of Covenant House this silent auction and look into human strife will bring attention to a cause and community that is in urgent need of support.

Each print has a strikingly eerie layered complexity both in the construction and the execution, one that trends well with the vision of Covenant House.

The intimate showing takes place December 15th @ Salt & Pepper (82 Bathurst St.) from 7–9PM. Refreshments will be served. Special guests TBA. This is an invite-only event.

In addition, the photos will be released as part of a signature series of fitted tees by Trace Crew. Clothing launch party following the exhibit starts at 10PM, hosted by Toronto's notorious social networking site Z-List at Cobra Nightclub.

RSVP by email: rsvp@mattvardy.net
or click "Attending" on Facebook

Below are the six images which were featured in my first ever photo exhibit in Toronto on December 15th, 2010. They were auctioned off as limited edition canvas wrap prints (1 of 1) benefitting Covenant House - an amazing organisation aiding the homeless youth of Toronto. The show was fantastic and the response to the photographs was overwhelmingly positive - so I think it's time I shared them online! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments. Head over to my ONLINE STORE to purchase the first t-shirt of the series!
Nike just launched this super cool ad featuring rising hockey star PK Subban of the Montreal Canadiens (NHL). About a month ago I photographed PK for The Fourth Period Magazine.

Nike says he's "More than an icon in the making... P.K. Subban is a Penalty Killer, Gladiator and World Shaker."

Below is one of my favourite shots from the shoot, and check out the video!