So today I arrived at a shoot for a magazine called Fourth Period which I will hopefully be working closely with in the coming months. It wasn't very clear until I arrived who exactly I would be shooting, all I knew was it would be an athlete and/or an actor.

As it turns out, today I'm working with NHL player Matt Duchene (Colorado) and actor Corey Sevier (Lassie, Immortals). So far so good, the shots are looking amazing and I feel incredibly fortunate to be in such good company today.

Which brings me to the title of this post... I'll have to launch a new "Celebrity" gallery in the pull down menu very soon... stay tuned!
As some of you may know, I'm a freelance photographer for one of the world's leading real estate companies based in Oakville, ON. Photographing these homes and multi-million dollar estates is definitely some of the more gratifying and eye-opening work that I do. The luxury that some people LIVE in is absolutely staggering, and I thought it would be cool to share some of the most recent images I've taken in or around these places with you. A glimpse, if you will, into my experiences as a luxury real estate photographer and the lavish spaces some people are so fortunate to call home. Please note that these images are not retouched or altered in any way.
About a month ago I worked with my pals in Isle Of Thieves on their new promo shots after the addition of a new band member, check out the portrait series here:
A few months back I shot a band called The Brilliancy out of Windsor. These guys have some amazing talent and I expect to see their name a lot more as their new material gets released very soon. Here is the portrait series from that shoot:
Last year I had an amazing shoot with a band called Speak of the Devil. Never before have I shared the portrait series from that shoot - easily some of my favourite shots to date. Makeup by Sherry Vanstone.
I had the pleasure of working with this great couple last year who held their wedding reception at a loft in downtown Toronto. Great space to work in. One of the highlights for me personally, though, was having a photo booth set up where friends and family would periodically stop by to have their portrait taken. Was a great idea, and tons of fun - I even managed to convince the dj's to stop by for some pics. Here they are:
A little inspirational video about entrepreneurship... enjoy: